Three Points are Very Important for Spurs

A convincing victory over Everton feels more valuable for Tottenham Hotspur. Three points are crucial because the competition of the big four is very tight.

Spurs won a landslide victory 4-0 at Everton at Wembley on Sunday (14/1/2018) pm dawn. Harry Kane scored two goals in this match, two other goals offered each by Son Heung-min and Christian Eriksen.

The Lilywhites appear so dominant in this match. Of the 20 trials they released, half were on target. At the same time, Everton was made helpless with none of the seven shots heading towards goal.

Mauricio Pochettino is satisfied with the results and performance shown by his foster children. Three points are more important with the big four rivalry getting heavier.

Spurs are currently stuck in fifth position with a value of 44 of 23 matches. The number of their points is equal to Liverpool in fourth place who just played 22 times.

The children of North London are also three points behind Manchester United and Chelsea are in the temporary 2-3 position.

“It’s a massive performance, fantastic, I’m very satisfied. Congratulations to our players because the effort is really fantastic,” Pochettino said.

“The three points are important because the big four rivalry is very heavy, the team’s performance is very good, the players show good character, I feel we are not threatened with a proper shot,” he added.

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