Language -A Worldwide Interconnection of Cultures

Language -A Worldwide Interconnection of Cultures

Throughout the world there are multitudes of different languages and cultures. The human family is filled with a vast array of variety and diversity. Nevertheless, we share a connection in that we all have a native language and specific culture that we belong to. Moreover, our language is a part of who we are as individuals and collectively as a culture. Furthermore, when we think of language it points to elements that are unique to a particular ethnic group and culture. Language is essential in communicating with one another through our mother tongue and being able to reach and interact with others and relate to them on a different level. The effect that culture has on language certainly has a major influence on how a particular group of people connect to society. Language affects how we think and perceive the world around us, as well as how we view particular aspects that take place around us.

The Common Thread That We Share

As humans, all of us are surrounded by people that are of different backgrounds and cultures, the language they speak is distinctive from ours. However, we still share a common bond through our society that we share together. Society is filled with diversity and various ways of thinking in relation to languages and how they carry a certain meaning. Every language conveys a message and identifying mark that influences the culture and people of that native tongue. Language and culture have a complex relationship that is deeply rooted inside an intimate connection. Language in every way carries a message that is profound and inspiring, an aspect of this is any nigerian celebrity news, certain cultures have deep interest in celebrities and are influenced by their way of life. As a result, this highlights the closeness that cultural groups form that correlates to language. To understand the concept of a language clearly, we must be fully engaged in the culture of our upbringing. Having complete access to the language of our culture is essential to fully grasp the foundation of our language. We must immerse ourselves entirely into our language and culture in every part of our life because it is a major part of who we truly are as a person.

The Connection of Culture & Language

The communication of humans is a process of complexity when we examine how our messages are transmitted through the words that we convey and speak. When we are raised in a particular society, we learn how to utilize gestures and expressions to emphasize what we say and do. Over the years we discover a certain tone in our voice and specific expressions that we use in our vocabulary which relates to our cultural upbringing. The techniques that we develop over time become deeply rooted inside of us as we adapt to the surroundings and social environment of our culture. Both our culture and language share an interconnection that is global and universal. Overall, society and the entire world together is shaped by cultures and languages that have a profound effect on all humans in an extraordinary way. Language and culture will always be a part of our lives that molds and influences us to persevere and to cherish who we are and where we come from.

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