The Danger of Missing Road Signs

The Danger of Missing Road Signs

Before being able to legally drive, every applicant for a driver’s license must take a written test. This is meant to indicate that they are knowledgeable and understanding of common traffic laws and road regulations, including an understanding of what various road signs mean. Road signs are one of the most important components to roadway safety. They give drivers, pedestrians, and all others making use of a public road a better understanding of what to expect and how to operate their vehicles under a variety of circumstances.

The reason why road signs are important is because they allow drivers to plan ahead while they are driving. Vision on a road can be limited, so knowing beforehand what conditions lie ahead can help a driver prepare for dangerous conditions.

Road signs are used to not only guide traffic, but also to warn drivers and help them follow traffic laws and regulations. These roadway tools are extremely important for keeping the roads and streets safe for public use. Because we rely on these signs so heavily, it is particularly tragic when they go missing or are not properly displayed. A lack of street signs is a serious roadway danger and as such it is important that all drivers are aware of what can result from this form of road defect.

Examples of Missing Road Signs

When you are driving, whether it is on a long stretch of highway or just in your neighborhood, you depend on signs for driving guidance. When stop signs or speed limit signs are missing, it is not possible for you to accurately follow traffic laws. Furthermore, when signs warning of changes in the road are missing it is likely you will suddenly find yourself in a very dangerous situation.

Because road signs are so important, tragedy can ensue when they go missing or are damaged. A lack of road signs poses a serious threat to individuals on the road because when signs are missing drivers become oblivious to the potential dangers and restrictions that lie ahead. Some common areas where lacking road signs are particularly dangerous include the following:

  • Sharp or sudden curves in the road
  • Areas near wildlife or falling rocks
  • Various intersections
  • Areas near railroad crossings
  • Areas near speed bumps
  • Four way stops
  • Areas where the speed limit suddenly changes significantly, such as near a school or when coming upon a town

If a driver comes upon any of these areas when it is missing a sign it is possible they will suffer. From automotive damage to injuries, the scope of negative repercussions that can result from lacking signs is wide.

Damages Missing Street Signs Can Cause

If you do find yourself in an accident caused or influenced by a missing road sign it is likely you will experience the following:

  • Physical pain
  • Injuries
  • Emotional scarring
  • Damage to vehicle and other property
  • Need for medical or mental health services
  • Disability

When these signs are missing, drivers may be left without vital information that can quickly make a car trip turn dangerous. Missing road signs may cause a driver to be unaware of impending road defects or may cause him or her to break the speed limit, putting fellow motorists in danger.

Typically, the local government is responsible for ensuring that proper road signage is in place. This includes permanent signs, such as speed limit signs, destinations, and other information that will not change in the foreseeable future, as well as temporary signs. These may include signs about construction, damaged guard rails, or other things that will soon be resolved.

For More Information

When a public street is neglected and allowed to become dangerous, it is likely to cause accidents, injuries, and property damage. If this does occur it is important that the victims seek the compensation they need and deserve from the responsible parties.

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