Can Miron Glass Energize Your Food?

Can Miron Glass Energize Your Food?

Glass has been part of human history for millennia. Unlike plastic, glass does not retain odors so you can reuse containers more than once. However, glass is capable of much more. The Miron glass manages not only to protect the food we keep in containers made with this type of glass, but it is also able to provide energy to the molecular structure of food. The secret lies in its particular violet color that filters the rays of light. Only the violet, ultraviolet and infrared rays that make up natural light can pass through Miron glass. Because the food does not come into contact with visible light, it stays fresh for much longer. This is perfect for delicate products such as coffee or tea leaves.

Increasingly used in the cosmetics industry

You may have come across shiny black containers in the cosmetics section of your favorite store. While you may think it’s a marketing ploy, it’s actually Miron glass. Personal care products need to be as natural as possible to avoid adverse reactions such as allergies or skin rashes. To achieve this, chemical elements must be eliminated. One of these harmful elements is preservatives. Miron glass makes it possible for your face cream to last longer without the use of preservatives. This way you get a 100% natural cream that maintains its effectiveness over time. Your favorite creams will no longer change color or lose their aroma over the days. This is the main reason why more and more cosmetic companies are adopting the color violet.

Miron glass is coming to your kitchen as a healthy alternative

Imagine you buy your imported coffee. You open it and place it inside a container. The first cup of coffee is simply delicious, right? Now imagine that your coffee tastes just as delicious two weeks later. Incredible, isn’t it? Well, it’s possible thanks to Miron glass. And you can do it not only with coffee. The possibilities are almost limitless. You can store your favorite tea leaves, or the spices you use so much while cooking. Whatever you store inside a container made with Miron glass, it will stay fresh for a long time. In fact, a test was done with cherry tomatoes stored outside the refrigerator, placed inside a container made with Miron glass. After 7 months, the cherry tomatoes were still intact. This is exactly the type of protection your food needs.

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