Current Range of Kubota Excavators

Current Range of Kubota Excavators
Vordingborg Denmark – January 19. 2018: Kubota Mini excavator

Kubota Excavators are built for heavy jobs. When it comes to getting the job done right, Kubota has the equipment designed to do the heavy lifting. The Kubota series excavator has the muscle and precision to handle any construction and landscaping projects effectively and economically. Kubota Excavators are known for their durability, flexibility, and extraordinary performances.

Kubota offers the most comprehensive range of Excavators. The content of Kubota excavators ranges from 0.8 tonnes to 8.2 tonnes. It provides a great variety of excavators and includes zero turn models to that of conventional swing. Kubota has the most trusted range of mini excavators. The Kubota Excavators are super-efficient and worth buying. The full-sized Kubota excavators are expensive and time consuming to use it.

The Kubota Construction company includes mini excavators, compact track loaders, and wheel loaders. Kubota is one of the renowned companies of excavators and winning the largest market share in the world.

Kubota Conventional Swing excavators:

The conventional swing excavators of the Kubota K series range from 0.8 to 8.2 tonne. It would not be wrong to say that the toughest excavators on the market are the Kubota KX series, Excavators. The Kubota KX series has excavators that meet every operator’s needs and provides luxurious comfort and superiority. The Kubota conventional swing excavators can handle heavy digging, loading, and lifting of a variety of materials.


1- K008-3 (0.8 tonne)

2- KX016-4 (1.5 tonne)

3- KX018-4 (1.7 tonne)

4- KX033-4 (3.0 tonne)

5- KX040-4 (4.1-4.3 tonne)

6- KX057-4 (5.4- 5.6 tonne)

7- KX080-3S (8.2- 8.3 tonne)

Zero tail swing:

The zero tail swing excavators offer 360 maneuverability from 1.7 to 5. 6 tonnes. The zero tail swing excavators are versatile and provide the best class breakout performance. The zero Tail swing excavators can be used in tight spaces without damaging the excavator or the building. When it rotates, it will never go over the tracks. The price of the zero tail swing excavator is high, but its advantages outweigh its expense. One of the best things about the zero tail swing excavators can also use the attachments which are used in the larger machines.

1- U17-3 (1.7 tonne)

2– U25-3S (2.5 tonne)

3- U27-4 (2.7 tonne)

4– U35-4 (3.6-3.7 tonne)

5– U48-4 (4.7-4.8 tonne)

6- U55-4 (5.3- 5.5 tonne)

Why Choose Kubota Excavators?

The Kubota excavators are known for several years and are considered the best in the construction industry. It is one of the best-selling engines in the world, having top-class outdoor equipment. The Kubota provides warranty coverage on its excavators. The Kubota warranty is much better than that of any other company of excavators. The equipment of the Kubota, as compared to other companies, is more compact and flexible. Companies such as Scoop Hire offer Kubota excavators as rental hire machinery due to the fact they are highly reliable, low maintenance and good value.

The best Kubota excavators are the mini excavators, as they are more versatile, durable, and flexible than the other excavators. It is essential to maintain the Kubota excavators, and maintaining the machines is a difficult task to do. In a nutshell, the Kubota excavators provide more power and better lifting capacity. For more information on Kubota excavators you can visit the following website

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